Review: Ronin “Ronin”

Review: Ronin “Ronin”

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Here is a nice rocking album with all sorts of promising ideas and interesting stories.

The album is somewhere between rock and metal, with some interesting experimentations in sounds, but mostly a lot of energy and catchy songs. Their brand of quirky hard rock is established on the first track, “One and the Same”, which starts with long, strange guitar riffs before becoming an irresistibly catchy song with a powerful chorus and nice guitar effects, before turning to a weird guitar solo.

After the anthemic “One and the Same”, the album keeps the same speed on the highly energized “Greetings”. Those wild, fast tracks are the closest to heavy or speed metal the album can get. But others show that Ronin are pretty good at other styles as well. There is a sort of bluesy influence on many other tracks, like the slower and sinister “Spider to the Fly” or the powerful “Coming Through” and its angry verses and choruses. This one kind of reminds me of the From the Wasteland album I reviewed last year.

The best example of that mixture of styles would be the sort of blues/grunge/hard rock ballad “Down”, where the band also begins telling a story about a misunderstood, tormented character. It’s a rather emotionally gripping song. As for odd comparisons, I’d say it sounds like a much better version of those 2000’s post-grunge songs with country influences.

Other storytelling tracks include the slinky, sexy blues rock track “Temptress” and its catchy chorus about a mysterious seductress. There’s also the powerful heavy metal track “The Legend of Donny Brass”, about an awesome fighter, with its catchy main riff and speak-singing verses. It’s kind of a metal version of a western movie theme song. This album has all sorts of interesting ideas and some pretty compelling characters that you’d love to hear more about.

You really wish the album was longer, because it has some amazing potential. The band can play various styles and make them sound good, they can play their instruments, write catchy tunes, give their music a really awesome energy and tell some cool stories. They managed to write an album that rocks and is really fun to listen to, but also shows some real creativity and songwriting chops. That album was a fun little surprise. Here’s another band to watch out for.

Release date: January 22nd, 2021

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