Review ROT “Old Dirty Grindcores 2007 – 1991” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review ROT “Old Dirty Grindcores 2007 – 1991” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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ROT “Old Dirty Grindcores 2007 – 1991”
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I remember times when I was writing letter, got tapes… from Marcello. Than when I had to freeze my zine our contact unfortunately died. But I was backing from time to time to releases of ROT. All memories came back when I saw another stuff to review. When I saw the name I thought that I can be wrong. You know, I lost contact with my Brazilian friend long time ago and I had no idea what happens with his band. But when I saw title and even more heard first notes I was sure. This is THIS ROT which I wanted to hear once again (at the moment my tapes are out of my control)!!! I know, I know… many or at least some of you will say: “what he’s the fuck talking about?!? All Grindcore acts play the same” Well, I had never any problems to recognize if I listen to AGATHOCLES, ROT or for example ESCATOFAGIA from Bolivia (if you read it Guillermo – “HAIL BRO!!!!!!”). Well, maybe it was coz I always liked very much this fury, rebel character, as we know in Grindcore lyrics are very important, sometimes even more than music, and so on. That’s why I was in touch with many people who played in such bands.

Anyway, as we can gather even from tittle, “Old Dirty…” is throwback release. That’s why we can find here… 150 songs of classic and old-school Grindcore on two CDs. Contrary to what you can expect music enclosed on this release is variable. Well, that’s maybe not technically advanced as hell. But it’s also absolutely not like “let’s play all songs in exactly the same way”. Riffs are surely quick and easy. They change quite rarely in structure of each song, to be honest. But hey!!! This is fuckin’ Grindcore and it means also that songs are short. So if guitar would play in too various way than brutality of this music would a little fall – at least in this case. Anyway, there’re songs where we can hear some twisted riffs. That’s one of things which I always loved in this music. It’s really variable – of course if somebody listens carefully. The same we can say about bass. Apparently there’s nothing interesting in that, but… Drums play of course mostly very fast and without any unnecessary “fireworks”. But sometimes it happens that we have some even slow parties. As about vocal it’s of course growling – very brutal one.

YEAH!!! I could write about this release more and more. But isn’t it much better just to listen to it?!? In my opinion it is!!! So I’ll listen it until the evening (at least) and recommend to do the same to everybody who like Grindcore!!!


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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