Review: Rozamov “This Mortal Road”

Review: Rozamov “This Mortal Road”

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Rozamov “This Mortal Road”
Battleground Records / Dullest Records

With the utilization of so many different elements such as, doom, sludge, hardcore as well as atmospheric elements, Rozamov creates an intensely unique sound that makes it hard for anyone listening to pull themselves away from their speakers. “This Mortal Road” is the title of their newest effort and it sports five total songs and each of them are just as epic as the last. This is the type of record that you can put on and leave on and not get tired of it even after countless replays. “This Mortal Road” is a massive record but when you begin listening you ultimately get wrapped up in everything and you soon forget about run times and how long you have actually been sitting and listening.

Rozamov does a great job of creating and intense listening experience that you just want to sit and listen to over and over again. And since this record-as well as the songs-is a substantial size you really can go back and listen numerous times and find things that you may not have heard the listen before. “This Mortal Road” is an all encompassing record that sucks you in to it through different elements. Through each song you get the harsh fuzzed out doom coupled with the hardcore elements and not only that but you get wonderfully crafted atmosphere as well. Each song has all of these elements that work together cohesively to provide you with a fully engaging and interesting listen.

There is a lot to listen to and to listen for in each of these songs that are on this record and that is just something else that makes it such a great listen. You can get wrapped up and lost in “This Mortal Road” so easily that one listen ultimately turns in to many. “This Mortal Road” is monolithic record that provides you with just about everything that you would want to hear in a sludge and doom filled album and then some. One listen just doesn’t do the record justice as it deserves more than just one and more than just many, and before you know it you are onto multiple listens.

From the dense and dark fuzzed out riffs to the rumbling bass lines to the solid drum work all the way to the clean vocals that transition to menacing growls, everything on this record is executed very well. There isn’t a thing out of place on this album and from that what you ultimately get is a cohesive, heavy and well balanced listen. Rozamov hits the nail on the head with “This Mortal Road” as it is an ambitious, heavy and intoxicating listen.

Overall, “This Mortal Road” is on hell of a listen. It gets you engaged, keeps you interested and is overall an interesting and unique listen. You just can’t seem to put it down once you have stared listening and that is just the type of album that you always want to listen to.

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