Review: Running Wild ”Crossing the Blades” [Steamhammer Records]

Review: Running Wild ”Crossing the Blades” [Steamhammer Records]

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Stay dead already!

You know, there comes a time when the mourning passes, a moment when even the deepest wounds slowly start the healing process and we can finally let go, live our own life again – without the loved ones we lost. There’s been a bulk of scientific research and  plenty of publications about this fascinating matter over the course of the last few hundred years up to our present day, always concluding with the same result: We move on, no matter the hardships.

At least, when we are not trying to revive the half-rotten, smelly and now ugly corpse of the not-so-recently passed beloved one again and again. YOU KILLED HER! She won’t come back, you know? Tales of resurrection and the risen dead are just that – tales! Now, who’s up to the task of comprehensibly explaining that to Mr. Rock ‘n’ Rolf?

Because – let’s just be brutally honest here – the once mighty power/speed metal kings of Running Wild haven’t released a wholly worthwhile record since the year 1998, which marked the release of The Rivalry. It’s been over 10 years since the announcement of the (first?) official Running Wild funeral; yet some of us (really!) are still hoping for material that is not totally recycled, stolen from older and better songs and presented in late 90s-bedroom production with the seventh reincarnation of Angelo Sasso on “drums”.

The only worthwhile aspect here is the decent lead guitar playing, but in the end it can’t save Crossing the Blades from being another lame rehash of the band’s more glorious days, Considering that the worst, gratingly forced (Rolf’s singing has rarely been this bad!) musical offering on this EP is the cover of the Kiss track Strutter, one can only guess that a different spin to the rotten old formulae is not something that Rolf would actually fare any better with.

Really, there is not much else to say here. Even the most casual fan of the planet knows about the ruination of this band, that it should just be laid to rest already and the less is said about their new output, the better – and yet here I am, hammering these words into my keyboard…

Oh well, if you are looking for decent – but no more than that – Running Wild material, check out Blazon Stone. They are doing it better these days and it’s kind of sad that you have to choose the worshipers over the original. At least they have a better scent.

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