Review SABATON “The Last Stand” (by Droll)

Review SABATON “The Last Stand” (by Droll)

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Sabaton “The Last Stand”
Nuclear Blast Records

For the last decade and a half Sabaton became one of the most successful metal bands. Due to their hard work, lots of concerts and gigs, regularly released albums and historical lyrics (that make fans to open books or wikipedia at least), the band worthily got the fame, an army of fans and sold-outs. And now we have the long waited new album The Last Stand.

Even before it was released, this album caused absolutely opposite reactions by fans. Well, that’s not surprising: usually people want «the same material as previous, but new and without repeats». And they aren’t always good with the band’s experiments, especially some radical. In this album such an experiment is the song “Blood of Bennockburn”, which was released as lyric video a month before an album. «Maybe the first Sabaton‘s song in major», according to the band’s members. And yet, many had that strange feeling that they aren’t listening to Sabaton with bagpipes, but some other band with Joakim’s vocals for some ridiculous mistake. The band develops and grows up, it’s awesome, but such experiment is, let’s make it gently, too brave. Well, for the great justice, this is the only such an experiment in the album.

The Last Stand opens with epic “Sparta” – lots of keyboards, heavy riffs, middle tempo and lyrics about exploit of 300 against a million. What else fan may willing? It’s exactly that one Sabaton, that everybody wanted to hear.

In “Rorke’s Drift” with bright power riff and two guitars solo keyboards are overshadowed, but they coming back in the next central “The Last Stand”. Probably it’s the most memorable song in an album.

Great examples that the band remains true for itself are “Shiroyama” and “The Lost Battalion”. Heroic lyrics about warriors’ brave, epic music and Joakim’s vocals, of course. In spite to all skeptics.

But for me the greatest disappointment is the song “Winged Hussars”. I know it is liked by a huge number of fans, it’s very memorable – I’m not denying its benefits. At the same time I can’t get off the feeling that this song like sewn from scraps of previous hits. And it really disappoints to listen to such self-repeats from a really talented band.  Alas!

There are also a couple of bonus tracks, covers that played with love and respect to original songs. I think, all fans are already listened to them. And if not – it will not disappoint you.

Summarizing, it can be said that The Last Stand is a pretty good album. Of course there are «bold» experiments and some weird moments, but with this there are 100% hits, might and epic. Of course there will not be second Primo Victoria or The Art of War, but on the other hand Sabaton, as I already said, remains true for itself. That means that the army of  fans (in all senses) will listen, enjoy, go to the concerts and wait for new songs.

Hope that «The Last Stand» is only an album’s name but not an intimation.

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