Review: Sable Beldam “Cryptic Void”

Review: Sable Beldam “Cryptic Void”

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Sable Beldam “Cryptic Void”

Here we have another band who use some strange, at least for me, term to describe their music.I have no idea what Apocalyptic Metal is about. Especially that what I hear sounds like Death Metal in my opinion. I’ll agree that residents of Windy City present us quite specific kind of this sub-genre of Metal, but this is still Death Metal, I guess. I know that some of you would doubt coz music is too calm, but if you’ll listen carefully to what our friends from Chicago play then you’ll notice that it’s not calm at all. Besides I know some classic bands which played/play in similar way and anybody will even think to say that it’s not Death Metal!

Riffs are mostly characteristically broken. There’s also some element of specific melody. Twiz (Anthony Pacheco) and Cristobal (Chris Froeter) play variable, with quite huge participation of several technical tricks. But that absolutely aren’t, let’s say, displays for displays – everything’s thankful and sounds cohesively. It can make impression of little cacophony on first glace, but not everything what’s not easy-going is cacophony at all! Sergio Godino use his little hysteric growling also in various way, not as various as guitars play, but… However, we can say the same about Frenzy’s (Jon Martinez) beating or Leonard’s Frykman(stein) bass.

So band which exist since 2007 released really good EP (anyways, second in their rather long history), That’s right: this stuff needs to be listen carefully. But frankly that’s something what I liked very much to do. I don’t mean that Americans recorded some immortal stuff, but it’ll surely be remembered longer then those 21.34 which it takes!


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