Review: Schizo “Rotten Spiral” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review: Schizo “Rotten Spiral” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Schizo_CoverSchizo “Rotten Spiral”
Punishment 18 Records

Sicily connote to average citizen only with mafia and stuff like that. But the fact is that island has really fascinating history and has many to offer to everyone. One of the best examples is Catania. City which was found long before anybody in Rome thought about creating empire which will rule over whole basin of Mediterranean and bigger part of Europe. It was ancient Greeks who found Catania as their colony – it happened something like 2800 years ago.

Anyway, in present times city has also many reasons to be proud of. One of them calls SCHIZO and since its origin in 1984 plays Thrash Metal with touch of Black. Well, on their fourth full-length (actually two demos “Thrash the Unthrasheble” and first of all “Total Schizophrenia” can be threaten as cassette LPs). Besides they have released two demos, two singles and participated on compilation tape “No Slow Thrashification Vomit I”. OH… I also should mention unreleased album “Artifice of Reality #1” from 1996.

But let’s talk about album which’s released and in boot it happened just any day now! As I said guys from the band call their music by Thrash/Black Metal. With Thrash I can totally agree! But I can’t unfortunately hear any stronger touches of this second genre here. Maybe sometimes it’s a way in which vocal “works”, maybe some riffs… It absolutely doesn’t change the fact that this is fuckin’ great album!!! I always liked this band (since early 90’s when I heard their cult album “Main Frame Collapse”. After “Rotten Spiral” my adoration for SCHIZO will surely don’t let up! This is what means Thrash Metal! Aggressive riffs with adequate dose of melody, solo when it’s necessary, characteristic for this genre drums’ beating, aggressive, but comprehensible and “legible” vocal. Sometimes it’s a little more in Black Metal manner what means a way of singing which presents Cronos.

BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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