Review: SCOLEX / MORTUOUS Split [Carbonized Records]

Review: SCOLEX / MORTUOUS Split [Carbonized Records]

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Trick or treat out of the USA?

Oakland’s Scolex have teamed up with San Jose’s Mortuous to release a Death Metal split that will most likely see a cult like following of an extremely limited and special release. Courtesy of Carbonized Records – a new label brought to us by the Mortuous drummer Chad Gailey (also of Necrot), Halloween 2018 sees the two track offering being released as a 250 run of gold vinyl and 250 on black, both on seven-inch.

Black Pyramid Ritual is the track offered up by Scolex – with an opening pace that makes the heavy atmosphere even more devastating and beautifully lingering guitar leads that are an ode to Death Metal itself, Black Pyramid Ritual is a study in OSDM. What lurks within are drumming patterns and time changes that are complex enough to add interest to this banging chug-fest. Vocals that keep the Death Metal guttural style alive and well and – I’ll be forthcoming here – I hear more than a nod to early Entombed. In my eyes though, that’s a class act.

Black Pyramid Ritual was recorded by Salvador Raya and Greg Wilkinson (Vastum, Noothgrush, Autopsy) at Earhammer Studios in 2012 and 2017 and mixed in October 2017. Overall impressions are very promising and certainly collection worthy. I’ll be following Scolex via Bandcamp for updates.

Desiccated is the second and final track, coming from Mortuous – Seeming extremely doom inspired but still essentially Death Metal, Mortuous know how to make the pace crawl along with the skin. Vocally, there’s a real sense of menace and dread present. A lasting impression was made on me by the memorable riffs and atmospheric dread. A very strong introduction to this band for me.

Once again, Greg Wilkinson was responsible for mixing The Desiccated track at Earhammer Studios in March 2018. Obviously he is a keen and talented individual. This two track release was mastered by Dan Randall (Ghoul, Fucked Up) at Mammoth Sound Mastering in May 2018 and the old school style artwork was well handled by Sebastian Mazuera to complete the package. All round, an excellent introduction to two bands that should be on any Death Metal fans’ radar.

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