Review: Scorpions “Pure Instinct” [EastWest]

Review: Scorpions “Pure Instinct” [EastWest]

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There is not much to point out about this album. In general, this is one of the most cheesy and commercial releases, even one of the band’s worst releases the band ever brought out (there is a 1999 album that is even worse in the first place). Further, the songwriting work here is awkward, the pop concept injected in the songs results in a watered-down work, and much of their riffs seemed to go away with their ideas. So forgettable is this release that a ballad is the only acceptable number, and not by too far. “You and I” is the most remarkable highlight and an impressive number that fits the symphonic concept. Further, the guitar playing displayed here is the best for a Scorpions ballad.

The rest of the album is worth skipping. Is this a reflex of the band’s songwriting maturity? Hell, no! This songwriting can’t be expected from a band that had a very good idea on how to write ass-kicking stuff. So the concept of maturity reflected by the critics seems to be reduced to “watering things down” and making pop stuff and has been the perfect justification for the creative burnout in many bands and for the shit they bring out. Examples pop out in thousands, and there is no need to go track by track when the formula is the same. In general, the album is full of silly choruses like in the opening track, the music is much more melodic, and the band avoids being outrageous in any way, shape, or form. The most rescuable part of guitar playing is the soloing displayed in various songs like “You and I”. All this leads to the fact that you won’t regret omitting this album.

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