Review: Siniestro “Arctic Blood” [Black Lion Records]

Review: Siniestro “Arctic Blood” [Black Lion Records]

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Long awaited, with high anticipation and excitement, finally, EP Arctic Blood is in my hands!

As Revelations In Mayhem, Siniestro`s debut album (2016, Bleeding Heart  Nihilist Productions) was highly acclaimed, at least from me, I was curious to hear what the band will offer us next.

Arctic Blood was announced to be released in May 2018, but it was postponed until December. What an agony! Now, I can say, it was worth of waiting.

Siniestro is always different, but consistent to their philosophy: no rules, no boundaries, no bullshit. And that is exactly what they offered us once again. Siniestro made a step forward. Now, the band focused the sound on what Scandinavians do the best: black and melodic death metal! If you ever loved early work of In Flames, Dark Tranquility or legendary At The Gates, this is the album for you!

Four songs (“Arctic Blood”, “Pesten”, “Exitium Vivorum Omnes” and “Strenght & Pride”) leads us to another, upgraded dimension of Siniestro`s creative freedom.

Metallers with punk attitude have the X factor! The guys have guts to express their creativity. Only open minded will understand the path they choose. And that is where the beauty lies.

Highly recommended!





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