Review: Skeletoon “Ticking Clock”

Review: Skeletoon “Ticking Clock”

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Skeletoon “Ticking Clock”
Revalve Records

I always liked musicians who are normal guys with sense of humor, who threat playing music like adventure, fun and not some mission in vein of “I don’t like it, but I have to illuminate them by music”. Of course there’re musicians who really have something to message, but in the most cases that’s just a pseudo-messianism which’s about desire of being noticed.

However, SKELETOON was formed in 2011 from initiative of vocalist Tomi Fooler. He found right musicians who aren’t only good ones from technical point of view, but also such jokers as he is. But it seems that it wasn’t as easy as anything because debut album “The Curse of the Avenger” saw the days light in 2016. And now after more or less one year we have fresh one. I didn’t heard “The Curse of the Avenger”, but after what I hear on “Ticking Clock” I really have desire to do it. That’s not about some originality and stuff like that. Even contrary! We have here ten songs (the last one, “The Awakening”, is really long one) of classic as it can only be Power Metal. Riffs are heavy and predatory, but in the same time melodic. Well, actually there’re some exceptions, but that’re first of all songs which are ballads. Drumming and bassing are also just like it should be – various, but not too complicated as well. Tomi’s timbre, way of singing and so on you’ll surely connote with some guy from living and legendary English band. If you’ll don’t do it then it means that you’re deaf or at least have absolutely any ear for music, I think.

So if you love Power Metal this band and full-length is just for you! It isn’t anything edge-cutting, guys don’t discover new musical territories. But here’s their straight – they just play Power Metal and do it both ballsy with imagination.

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