Review: SOILWORK “Death Resonance”

Review: SOILWORK “Death Resonance”

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Soilwork - Death Resonance - ArtworkSOILWORK “Death Resonance”
Nuclear Blast Records

«Everything new is well forgotten old» it said. But sometimes it is not truth because something new is a result of hard and painstaking work. Especially if approach to the work with mastery, inspire and responsibility. That’s why new compilation of rarities Death Resonance from Sweden atmospheric death metalers Soilwork is brilliant.

That was not so easy to take dozen of the very best song, the strongest hits from 21 years of band’s existence. Well, the band approached with a different view: there are bonus-tracks from previous albums. Mainly, Japanese editions. So Europeans can stop to envy to the Japanese fans.

There are also two new songs: “Helsinki” that is already known by lyric-video that got to the «Best of the Week Playlist» on Apple Music and main “Death Resonance” – dark and killing with enchanting clean vocals in easily remembering chorus, fierce blast beats and beautiful solos. I’m sure, it sounds great live.

Of course, the rarities in this compilation are making the main part, but there is some nuance: the band decided to make this tracks more modern. Because the band knows that their fans will be never satisfied with just bonus tracks from previous years. That’s why this album for some old fans will be some kind of «match the difference» game.

For example, “Martyr” becomes shorter, it is only 3:59 in this album. “Overclocked” is a little bit saturated, “Killed by Ignition” is not so sharply aggressive, but deeper and seems a little bit languishing. “My Nervous, Your Everyday Tool” still igniting and assertive, and “These Absent Eyes” is much more surrounding and deeper by sound. You can feel yourself Darwin, who tracked the evolution in the Galapagos finches small birds on the small difference in the shape of the beak, while you listen to this album and try to match the difference «there» and «now».

That’s how fans can see the evolution of the band and assume what will be the next experiments from the band. Well, that ones, who listen to the Soilwork for the first time can hear the band’s hits with the modern band’s sound and view.

Also I want to say few words about cover. It’s brief but hard at the same time. In several verified paint smears focused doom, invisible presence of death and its power. The cover designed by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (Volbeat, Carcass, Scar Symmetry).

Death Resonance includes 15 tracks an released on August, 19 by Nuclear Blast Records.

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