Review TERRORCIDIO “Demo” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review TERRORCIDIO “Demo” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Now will be a little quiz. With which country and band connote you named above name?!? This one who gave right answer won. I don’t know yet what, but… Just contact me! Then I’ll check out if you don’t try to fake. Answers from “this” country will be (because must be) surely right because “this” band is a pure legend there. So quiz is for people from outside of there.

The newest release of TERRORCIDIO contains four songs and is entitled just “Demo 2016”. So somebody could say something like: “Guys didn’t make an effort with tittle”. YEAH!!! Maybe it is. But who cares?!? The most important was, is and always will be music, don’t you?!? That’s not so important how calls stuff, or what?!? So let’s start to describe what’s on this demo! Well, it’s not long stuff. As I mentioned above it contains only four songs, but very interesting songs. Guys call their music Death/Thrash Metal. And that’s right – with this question that influences of this second one are rather little hearable.

Music which is serving here by these three guys can be described in very easy way: old school Death Metal, mostly brutal as well. But “brutal” doesn’t mean “fast as light” here. Tempos are rather middle. Of course if somebody thinks that only play of drums tell us what tempo we have than… But even in this aspect we have only from time to time moments when Wesley shows how to play fast. In general his play (as well as other members of the band) is variable and says that he’s not any green-horn in his job. He knows how to unite brutality with technique and don’t be boring in that. And, what’s the most important, he do it very well! The same we can say about guitarist and bassist (even if this instrument is practically very hard to hear for the most of listeners). Riffs are very variable and surround thanks to what we have impression that there must be two guys who play this instrument. But there’s only one! He plays in sometimes broken style, use tin whistles or sick “solos” when it’s necessary to make song richer. But it absolutely doesn’t mean that he’s near to broke the border! The same as in the case of Wesley his technical abilities are used only to make music more interesting for listener and brutal. We have here of course also vocal – of the same guy who play bass. And maybe here are at least quite clear connections with Thrash Metal. Mostly it’s of course growling, but sometimes we have something what can be connected with mentioned above sub-genre of Metal. This music provoke to at least headbanging all the time!

So get this, listen and do what every real Metalhead should do!


(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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