Review: The Plague “Within Death” [Bitter Loss]

Review: The Plague “Within Death” [Bitter Loss]

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But yeah yeah, without any will to offend Kylie Minogue and  ACDC fans, I will not talk too much about Airbourne either because I prefer the original to the copy! In the land of kangaroos and Australian rules (I love this sport), Death Metal exists.

So the band THE PLAGUE, Australian as you will have all understood, distills us a liquor to warm the dead with the album Within Death! Referenced as an old school Scandinavian death metal band I prefer to trust my two ears to see it for myself.

For the old school name and the reference taken from the land of some of my ancestors, I remain quite skeptical. Needless to say who you are and what influences you may have, just listen to find out, the best ambassador is usually your own music and gives the DNA you want to refer to.

So let us get to the heart of the matter or rather welcome to the heart of the beast! We will review their album which is not exceptional but hits you anyway, you can turn up the volume if you want to headbang like a madman. That is really straightforward, efficient, sounding good with a legacy of some classical Swedish death metal bands (yes yes), for me The Plague has converted the try.

So what is The Plague? A successful combination of various musicians who have scoured other formations, and for one time out of a hundred, the alchemy has worked well to deliver us this beautiful and crispy LP. Not a single minute wasted, my brain is boiling every time I listen it. I step out at the end of each audition convinced that I still lost over a million neurons while having a headbang like an ultimate fan.

Nevertheless, it would be really reductive to classify the band only as a clone of its illustrious predecessors, although it is not easy to stand out I must admit and this may be the only downside is that not a song cannot become like a hymn. Not really obvious since the style has already delivered many compositions to fans and made emulators all over the planet. However, it is clear that this style is still at the top of the wave. It is therefore not surprising that the Australian continent has not escaped at the outbreaks of raging riffs and guttural voices.

The listener will, however, be delighted by the fact that The Plague has, in his compositions, succeeded in combining the traditional influences of Death Metal with rhythms that are sometimes more accessible. They are the perfect translation of what musicality in this very specific style must be.

Although in theory, it is necessary to highlight the flagship titles, I highly recommend the entire album. It deserves your financial investment and will delight all fans, from the youngest to the oldest and seasoned like me. I am reconciled with the music made in Australia, so thanks to you The Plague and I hope to be able to discover you live on the stages of old Europe.

Release date: April 30, 2021

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