Review: Trauma “Comedy Is Over”

Review: Trauma “Comedy Is Over”

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Trauma “Comedy Is Over”
Deformeathing Production

Now I have real fuckin’ pleasure to present legendary on Polish scene band. They were born in 1988 under another name, but I woudn’t tell anything more here. You’ll probably ask: why the hell if you’re always write such things? Well, reason is as easy as pie: you’re very welcome to read an interview with Mister and you’ll know everything about the band and its history.

‘Comedy Is Over’ isn’t fresh stuff, let’s be honest. First time it saw the day’s light in fall 1996 as a cassette. But it didn’t get at least basic promotion, so only underground maniacs got this somehow (distribution was also shitty – to be honest, there wasn’t any distribution). Fortunately four years later due to PAGAN RECORDS the stuff was released once again – this time on CD. Why it’s out once again? Just read interview! Anyway, debut album of these Polish veterans contains intro, outro and six songs (one is in two versions). Musically we have with Death Metal to do, of course. But, what was official reason of lack of promotion and distribution by VOX MORTIS RECORDS, it’s not so easy going music. Especially on those times it was too technical and too complicated. Of course in opinion of the label who hell know why released it if didn’t think about promotion of the stuff. But maybe I have some strange approach to the matter.

As I said this is Technical Death Metal what we have to do here with. Songs are mostly in middle tempo, but speed-ups come from time to time. There’s also something what will lovers of guitar melody like. But stuff is also as brutal as real Death Metal should be! Riffs are of course variable and so on, but there any contrived displays don’t take place. The same I can say about drums; track – this is technical with quite huge number of passages and so on, but first of all in Death Metal standards. I mean it’s rather in middle, sometimes even quite slow tempo, but speed-ups happen, too. All is complete with deep and brutal growling which connotes for me with rather American way of vocalizations. Well, also here we have something “untypical” fragments.

Anyway, I think (actually I’m sure about this) you just need to listen to this stuff and you’ll probably fall in love with it directly as I did in middle of 90’s! The best is that ‘Comedy Is Over’ is still very fresh and even visionary stuff. Well, frankly I didn’t hear many as great albums (except for example ‘Imperfect Like a God’) since these more than 30 years – and this is not only about Polish scene.

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