Review: TRESPASS “Footprints In The Rock”

Review: TRESPASS “Footprints In The Rock”

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TRESPASS Footprints In The Rock
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Tresspass are a traditional styled heavy metal group that have actually been around since the late ’70s, but never really made much of an impact on the scene. I’ll be damned if that would stop them from persisting, because in the dawn of this year, they would drop their newest effort, Footprints In The Rock. Hailing from the home of this style, these english rockers are mighty talented and have a strong ear for orderly compositions with no dirt or scuffs on the production.

Essentially, this is a one dimensional record, utilizing a lot of higher toned patterns as the meat of the release, which usually morph into solos played in the same tone. Few signs of crucnhy buzz are present here, keeping it on the lighter side of the heavy metal spectrum. Of course, this allows for the instrumentation to transcend into a more audible treat, making it a very accessible listen. Major keys and positive vibes are given off everywhere, while still containing the harder elements that keep it within the correct code. All of these qualities are all it takes to project great ideas in the realm of music. However, there’s a huge difference between being able to play expertly, and write expertly. Sadly, Tresspass lack that second one. Granted, I haven’t tried earlier material yet, but on Footprints In The Rock, this is a clear downfall.

For one, there is an obvious template that makes the songs way too predictable. Along with that, there are little to no hooks to make this stick in your head, even after multiple listens. Songs can change and I wouldn’t even know for sure what makes them separable. The format is very repetitive, and the the songs themselves fail to live up to the level of playing strength that the solos clearly display. Oh, and the vocals are rather dull and tired, as well as being lackluster in the sense of range. This doesn’t help much in regards to the lyrics not being super interesting either. All in all, this is a somewhat common case situation, where great musicians and producers can’t really compose great songs. Worth a listen, and perhaps worth seeking out their earlier work, it’s just that this one didn’t quite land very happily (despite the happier vibe).

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