Review: UFOSONIC GENERATOR “The Evil Smoke Possession”

Review: UFOSONIC GENERATOR “The Evil Smoke Possession”

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UFOSONIC GENERATOR “The Evil Smoke Possession”
Minotauro records

Italy is differentiated country and it’s about several aspects of live. It’s also about Italian Metal scene of course. There were always bands playing different sub-genres of our beloved music. The most of them weren’t and I have impression that still isn’t very well-known to so called average Metalhead – at least not as well-known as bands from Germany, States or Sweden. Hell knows why this is like that. Probably it has something to do with superstitiously picture of lazy, chaotic Italian ne’er-do-well. Of course, as it’s with superstitions, it’s totally wrong!!!

OK, but let’s leave these theoretic advisements and let’s talk about the band and its music. UFOSONIC GENERATOR was raised not so long time ago – in 2012. Musicians say that their place of origin is “proud nowhere” which’s located somewhere in Italy, anyway. Also I didn’t find any information about earlier releases – what of course doesn’t mean that there surely wasn’t/weren’t any. Nevermind! On “The Evil Smoke Possession” we can find eight songs as classic as only possible songs. After these words most of you already suppose that music which plays Italians is Heavy Metal. And yes – it is! But it’s not whole truth coz it has its roots deeply in 1970’s. So maybe it’d be better to call it Hard Rock with Heavy influences?!? By the way, as its inspirations band list first of all just Hard Rock bands which rose in mentioned decade. Between them there’s for example also one of fathers of Progressive Rock – Roky Erickson or some American band which’s regarded as one of the pioneers of Doom Metal (as well as some bands playing this sub-genre of Metal). Well, to be honest I don’t hear a lot from these genres here.

Anyway, riffs are just like they should “look like” in Hard Rock or early Heavy Metal – sharp and melodic in the same time, in one word – easy-going ones. Of course we have also some calmer ones, almost acoustic that makes music even more interesting. But these second ones take place incidental and mostly on the beginnings or ends of songs. That isn’t any rule of course, and only few songs begin like that. The same we can say about vocal – it is clean singed, but with “this something” what makes it at least nice for our ears. Drumming is also like it should be – dynamic and without expendable twists and turns.

To sum up, we have here uncomplicated music build upon guitar, drums and characteristic vocal. Well, it’s all characteristic maybe not for this band, but for genre of music which guys play. I like to listen to such a classic from time to time. That’re roots of Metal and nothing will change it. So if somebody share my penchant to music like that or just is curious should get this stuff!

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