Review: Votov “Votov”

Review: Votov “Votov”

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Votov “Votov”

What is your very first think when you hear Canada? Ice-hockey, maple leaf and all what connected with this tree (including syrup)? Or maybe Death Metal? In this case you surely connote first of all two names: CRYTOPSY and KATAKLYSM. Well, that’s nothing weird in that since they’re one of legends of scene in their country. But Canadian scene, of course, isn’t concentrated only in city where both mentioned bands come from – Montreal. Of course most of Canadian bands come from Ontario or Quebec, but this is connected just with demography. However, also in other parts of Canada are interesting ensembles (and always were).

VOTOV is one of the younger representatives of Death Metal scene outside of two the most populous Canadian provinces. The band was created 2015 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It doesn’t mean that guys started their musical adventure just this year. Actually only a drummer Matt has in comparison with two other members of VOTOV quite short experience. But let’s be honest that John and Chick began to play in, as far as I know, 1989. By the way, ‘Votov’ is the first ever release of this band and this is an album already. The stuff contains eight not too long and not too short songs. Music mostly is in middle tempo what doesn’t mean that it emanates brutality which some bands can only dream about whole the time. I think this is first of all because of Chuck’s deep and even coming directly from entrails vocal. This kind of growling deal very well with common character of the music. Riffs are playing on quite highly tuned guitar. They change often and contrary to appearances aren’t so easy ones. Chuck serve us also a little more melodic displays or some string harmonics. John’s bass isn’t as well hearable, but if you listen carefully you’ll notice it for sure.

Drumming is massive as well and it really happens a lot on this field. Some faster parts we have to do with, too. But they come rather rarely. Anyway, I just can feel that guys left absolutely anything from their youthful enthusiasm to create brutal music. They don’t play some games and just run forward, even if this is technical playing. Well, to sum up this is very solid album!

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