Review: Vrykolakas “And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos And Destruction” [Dark Blasphemies Records]

Review: Vrykolakas “And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos And Destruction” [Dark Blasphemies Records]

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Vrykolakas has returned!

Entering into an ominous thirteenth release, the Singaporean Death Metal warriors prove the caliber of compositions once again. This eight tracker is to be put on CD by Dark Blasphemies Records (Spain and also other formats released by other labels). Considering that Vrykolakas is a three piece, that as the band puts it, is a trinity of death metal, rolling slowly over many of their contemporary counterparts within the realm our beloved Death Metal scene.

This new set of hymns will do a throat grab to those unsuspecting that a band with three guys in it, would deliver such an on your face punch. This set of recordings is comprised of eight tracks to show their will talent showcasing. The songs are recorded in a clear and almost pristine way. Vrykolakas brings to mind in this new offering their own brand of songwriting exhibiting great knowledge and skill over the creation of ideas that rotate around names of different manifestations that is almost ceremonious. This cannot be held in a truer way than on listening to what is in my opinion a call to the beyond with ‘Seven Steps Above Six Feet Under”. This song takes you into a trance of maniacal trance into witness a darkened spew of inhumanity… Listen to the chants and you will agree.

In wanting to hear more of this whirlwind of forces that would pull Christ of the cross, other compositions like “Kaf-Fa-Ra” continue to open the possibilites of brutality that the Singaporeans bring to the table.

The main track here appears to be “The Dajjal Brings Chaos” (Dajjal is a dark figure in Islam and it could be comparable to the Christian Antichrist) So, you can forget about the Christian version of evil.

Now, this question remains, what are the sounds, feelings and vibrations of Vrykolakas feel like? Powerful riffing that can invoke the lessons of old put forth by the likes of Sinister, Nile and even a pinch of Absu‘s older death metal machinations. Such comparisons are, however, weak. One can think of other bands when listening to them but, it is not whom they are, Vrykolakas will sink its fangs into you.

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