Review: Without Mercy “Mouichido” (by Natalia)

Review: Without Mercy “Mouichido” (by Natalia)

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Without Mercy

Without Mercy “Mouichido”

Without any mercy Vancouver band pleases us with their next merciless, heaviest creation. Without Mercy’s new EP will be released in May, 27.

Canadian metal, especially all thrash subgenres is a particular, vivid page in the book of metal. It’s very special: aggressive but sensual; permanent experiments in this concrete genre are very inherent for it.

Under the black cover with red silhouette of material arts master, there are four songs.

Opening “Worthless” is gushing energy. Harsh vocals by Alex Friis doesn’t disappoint, guitar solo in the middle of a track emphasize it. Technical, fast drums and guitars – the band learned the lessons from brutal metal classics (and also well taught others) for twelve years and clearly embodied canon, they never get tired to show.

“In Waves” (with Chimaira’s Mark Hunter participation, by the way) is heavier due to riffs and number of blast-beats. When one extreme vocal complements another, and it’s not some kind of screaming/growling dialog, but the same technics, there is something very interesting. Anyhow, that’s what came out from these musicians. Vocal lines complement each other great, and with all their “sameness” these subtle differences in tone, which gives life a song can be caught. Coup.

“Burn”. I would like to mark the chorus, cause its motive permanently settled in a head (although it’s not all interesting things). Worth listening.

“Morphine”: radio-style made intro telling the song’s direction. This, again, can be called “canonical” for this genre with great riffs. And they really are.

The main thing with this EP is that the listener can really feel musician’s effort. Well, it’s great, that Without Mercy don’t lose their sincerity. Cause people love them for it.

“Mouichido” means “one more time”. Well, one more time musicians showed us what they can do with the music. One more time they glorified metal and all its forms. So, EP Mouichido is great. To be continued.


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