Review: Woodhawk “Beyond The Sun”

Review: Woodhawk “Beyond The Sun”

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Woodhawk “Beyond The Sun”

Woodhawk is a band that is extremely undeniable and incredibly infectious and memorable. Three years after the release of their debut they are back with “Beyond the Sun”, a nine track stoner metal and hard rock filled journey that immediately grabs your attention and keeps it all throughout. This record from beginning to end provides you with nothing but slick tunes for you to vibe out, space out to and just ultimately lose your mind to as Woodhawk takes it on journeys across the cosmos.

Each track on “Beyond the Sun” is executed and performed very well and there isn’t a song on this release that is lacking in any area as each one is sound and solid providing you with a groovy head nodding listen. As soon as Woodhawk begins you know that you are in for an interstellar listen, and from the drop of the first note,  Woodhawk captivates you keeping you listening all throughout. From the groove filled riffs, to the thick bass lines to the acrobatic drumming to the soaring vocals, you are provided with a great listen from beginning to end.

Woodhawk does a great job of sucking you into this release right from the get go and keeping your attention all throughout as they roll out nine stellar songs one right after the next. Before you know it you have busted your air guitar out and are starting to belt the lyrics out with the lead vocalist as well. No matter how much you try to deny it for whichever reason, “Beyond the Sun” gets under your skin and works its way into your mind manifesting itself there for quite some time. This record is one of those records where no matter what mood that you are in when you begin listening, you will come out in a much better mood after.

In conclusion, “Beyond the Sun” is a great record, there’s no beating around the bush there. And to top it all off they have a song titled “A New Hope” which of course is about Star Wars, how could you not enjoy that? This is one fucking solid album man, keep your eyes peeled if you are a fan of stoner metal and hard rock.

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