Review: Zealot Cult “Karmenian Crypt”

Review: Zealot Cult “Karmenian Crypt”

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zealotcult_cover_bcZealot Cult “Karmenian Crypt”
Blood Harvest

So we have here another young band (at least if it takes number of releases coz Z. C. was formed in 2008). Band is in some way incarnation of THE SWARM – an half of this group play now in ZEALOT CULT. As I already said guys don’t have rich discography. Except “Karmenian Crypt” they released only a demo, on which were seven songs, six years ago. I have no idea if it’s about some strange creative’s impotence or some other, much more mundane reason, but… NEVERMIND!!! Better two stuffs than any, or what?!?

Anyway, this time we have to travel on west and north of Europe. There’s located, after some bigger one, Green Island. Limerick is the third largest city of Ireland (what whatsoever doesn’t mean that it’s huge – something like 100.000 people live there) with long and interesting, of course, history. The city dates from 812, but many shows that it’s at least 660 years older. It has of course economic, educational… meaning especially in the region called “Shannon Region” (Shannon is a river). There’re also some interesting monuments- However, it’s not what we’re interested in here! The only reason for which we visit Limerick calls ZEALOT CULT.

And here the most of you, if not all, probably thought: “Black Metal”. But I have to disappoint all of you!!! This band plays absolutely old-school Death Metal. When I listen to them I have irresistible impression that these four guys just gave me time machine, I’m again in deep 90’s or even late 80’a and just listen to newest release of some of Dutch scene’s  Gods, Gods of Dutch way of playing Death Metal. Everything’s here like in textbook: a little twisted (first of all, these “canting”), broken riffs, coming from nowhere short solos, drums, bass and of course vocal which sounds exactly like Patrick’s Mameli or Martin van Drammen’s ones. I think… NO!!! I’m sure that Declan (Malone – dr), Mick (Carey – guit), Jay (Quigely – guit, voc) and Alan (Lee – bass) wanted to achieve just this goal! But if you think that it’s more or less successful copy of especially early creativity of PESTILENCE or ASPHYX you’re unfortunately wrong! I can clearly hear own, fresh ideas here.

Guys draw intensively on experiences of mentioned above Giants of Metal – that’s truth and only somebody totally deaf wouldn’t be able to hear this!  And so fuckin’ what?!? They do it in very well and intelligent way, so, at least in my opinion, that’s good, very good!!! By the way, this old-school orientation of the band we don’t only hear in music. We can also see that after the fact that “Karmenian…” is released in rather forgotten format – as 12” MLP on vinyl. Get this treasure now!!!


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