Review: Zombie Assault “Video Nasty”

Review: Zombie Assault “Video Nasty”

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Zombie Assault “Video Nasty”
Eclectic Productions

Providing you with a gnarled, grizzly and flesh eating sound is Zombie Assault and straight from the crypts along with them they bring “Video Nasty”, a fourteen track zombie apocalypse that does its best to drain your marrow from your bones. Their brand of death rock is rooted in horror, viscera and gore and they provide you with all of those in heaps and then some. From the very first note on you end up getting buried in plenty of filth and rotted cadavers as well as bombarded with plenty of rotted riffs and filthy bass lines.

Through fourteen songs that all have pretty substantial run times-with the exception of few that clock in under two minutes-Zombie Apocalypse has plenty of time to make heads roll. Each song no matter how short or long are barbaric and completely gritty and covered in grime and they provide you with a deadly and poisonous sound that doesn’t soon shake out of the cobwebs of your mind. “Video Nasty” really is nasty as it aims to curdle blood and tear flesh from bone. Once Zombie Assault gets rolling they provide you with a buzzing assault all throughout that sticks with you like a nightmare.

Twelve songs are sandwiched between an intro and an outro and in each of those twelve songs you are treated to rolling pungent death and when you begin listening you even get a tepid whiff of the stench of death. This release oozes the stuff and before you know it you may even become part of the undead yourself. Zombie Assault rolls from one song to the next never looking back at the mass amount of bodies that they have laid to rest. Like a bulldozer they roll on smashing you into an (un)timely grave.

“Video Nasty” is a creeping, crawling listen that sounds as though it was recorded in a dark and musty tomb. The production is raw and the riffs hack and slash their way through your flesh as the bass rattles bones. This terrifying listen sounds as though it could be the soundtrack to your own horror movie and it very well could be. Overall, this record is a dark, slithering, poisonous one that provides you with plenty of heavy and plenty of horror as well which ultimately leaves you with a unique headbanging listen.

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