RIPPING DEATH set release date for debut

RIPPING DEATH set release date for debut

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ride [800]Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present the debut demo tape of Ripping Death, Tales of the Ripper, set for international release on December 18th. Although a brand-new entity, this power-trio comprises veterans of the metal underground. Fittingly, the sound across Tales of the Ripper is indeed of an ancient and ageless variety: straightforward and catchy death metal ripped right from the ’80s, galloping and sick and instantly ingraining. Ripping Death are cut from the same cloth as Hellhammer, Death Strike, and Repulsion or subsequent torchbearers Usurper and Cianide, whose “Rage War” is covered here – in other words, 666% ugly and 666% fucking METAL. With era-relevant cover artwork by Paolo Girardi and the band’s logo designed by Chris Moyen, Ripping Death’s Tales of the Ripper is the foul stench of the coffin that nowadays death metal needs! Cover and tracklisting are as follows:
ride2 [800]Tracklisting for Ripping Death’s Tales of the Ripper
1. Midnight Terror
2. Night Ripper
3. Death Blow
4. Rage War (Cianide cover)
ride3 [800]RIPPING DEATH lineup:
Rick Disgrace – guitars
Angel Ofensor – drums
R.R. Bastard – bass & vocals

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