Scapes ”One:Unseen:One” review

Scapes ”One:Unseen:One” review

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Scapes ”One:Unseen:One

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Hm… It’s pretty hard to do review of the stuff you are not into music which you listen to. But I’ll try anyway. Scapes is a young band from Finland; and when it comes to the bands from Finland, then you have in mind bands which could play death metal, or black metal, of some melodic or just atmospheric music. And Scapes is more into the last way. Here is some kind of atmospheric metal, not sucking melodic, but really just atmospheric and melancholic. Measured rhythm-section, couple of modern chords (not too often but rising from time to time) and clear vocals. If their music would sounds more seriously and dark – then I could make some parallels with Candlemass, but I’m afraid Scapes does not sounds near to Candlemass. I like those songs were made with hard tuned guitars and interesting atmosphere, but I can’t say I like a lot those acoustic songs (there are both metal and acoustic ones), but from the other hand those acoustic songs not sounds like some pop-shit, and that’s positive moment (thus even acoustic songs sounds with atmosphere). What about the whole “picture” of this album, I could make some parallels with last works from Paradise Lost or Amorphis (BUT! These are only light parallels, because, with all respect towards musicians of Scapes – they must work and work to have same extremely catching sounds like aforementioned bands. Right now we have more or less successful FIRST work, so I can’t judge too powerful, so I only can say now – this is good debut, made in atmospheric, melancholic metal, luckily NOT in the way of some “him” and etc. If you listen to such kind of music – then you can freely look for this album. Played well and often memorable.


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