SCYTHIAN complete 2nd album

SCYTHIAN complete 2nd album

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Heaving, bombastic death metal of the third kind…a mind-altering trip through the corridors of the psyche. High on alien lichen, nine tracks deep, and caught in a world of dystopian nightmare, Scythian’s second full-length album, Hubris in Excelsis, is complete and being prepared for release via Hells Headbangers.

“This is the album that almost killed us,”

says founding guitarist A. Von Moller.

“Against the tides of trend and adversity, we created an work that would represent our own battles and our music as we wanted to hear it. We’re proud to return with nine punishing anthems and tales of human folly – Hubris in Excelsis.”

Recorded and engineered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric / Priory Studios) and mastered by Leon Macey (Mithras / Dreaming Studios), Hubris in Excelsis marks the transformation of a little-known UK band into a serious contender. Heavily inspired by apocalyptic science fiction, morbid poetry, and the unlikely mix of Sodom, Bathory and Angelcorpse, Scythian have taken yet another stride into unknown territory. “The name Scythian was never meant to chain us to a singular period or people in history,” says frontman S. Vrath. “We regard it as an metaphor, a connotation to a fierce and untameable spirit. With Hubris in Excelsis, we dive ever deeper into the essence of this force – into the metaphysical and beyond. Scythian is not about standing still; it is about discovery – hubris – and the fatally impending nemesis.”

Billed as one of the top underground releases of 2009, the band’s To Those Who Stand Against Us debut dragged Scythian kicking and screaming from obscurity and earned them recognition in the international scene. After a split EP with Greek black metal legends Kawir, Scythian signed a two-album deal with Hells Headbangers in late 2014 – the first UK band to be on their permanent roster. Release date for Scythian’s Hubris in Excelsis, as well cover/tracklisting and first track premiere, to be announced shortly.

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