SEPULTURA Concert In Egypt Shut Down By Police

SEPULTURA Concert In Egypt Shut Down By Police

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According to Ahram Online, SEPULTURA‘s June 4 concert in Egypt was stopped by the police because necessary permissions for the show were not provided.

Police forces stormed into the villa on the outskirts of Cairo where the concert was taking place and asked the audience to leave the premises after negotiating with the organizers.

A Nile Country Club representative told Ahram Online that the concert organizer, Egyptian artist/horror aficionado Nader Sadek, failed to to deliver official permissions from several official bodies, including one from the National Security Agency.

The police received a tip that 60 people were preparing for a “satanic party” at a villa in the suburbs of Cairo, General Khaled Shalaby, director of investigations in Giza, said.

It has been reported by some eyewitnesses that Nader Sadek and the owner of the villa were arrested and are currently being interrogated. A report in the privately owned newspaper Al-Watan appears to corroborate the eyewitness accounts, with the article mentioning that three people were arrested, including two of the organizers.

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