SEXCREMENT Releases Free Digital EP / Unleashes Scandalous New Video

SEXCREMENT Releases Free Digital EP / Unleashes Scandalous New Video

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Boston Death Groove Perverts SEXCREMENT have a bad habit of delivering a devastating blend of sleaze and brutality.  They have spared no expense with their latest platter of perversion XXX Bargain Bin Vol 2, which is now available for free download/streaming on their Bandcamp page.

XXX Bargain Bin Vol 2containsoriginals and covers with some surprises to boot: a searing version of ALICE IN CHAINS’ “We Die Young” with guest shred from REVOCATION’s Dave Davidson, and an epically heavy take on the PAT BENATAR classic “Heartbreaker” done duet style with Mallika Sundaramurthy (ABNORMALITY/PARASITIC EXTIRPATION) to help round things out.  The band is offering the collection of new recordings as a palette cleanser for their third full length of debutant sonic fury to be released at the end of 2015.

In commemoration of the EP’s release, the band in cahoots with underground filmmaker Victor Bonacore have unveiled a video for the first single “Salt Peter,” which is now up for viewing below. In just shy of 10 minutes you are taken to a world of depravity, filth, camp, scandal and heaviness that will scramble your brain for the next week.  The video (their second with Bonacore) even has some well disguised cameos from members of JOB FOR A COWBOY and REVOCATION to keepit interesting – see if you can spot them.  It serves as a great initiation into the wild world of SEXCREMENT, and anyone who is familiar with their brand of hijinks will feel right at home as well.

Salt Peter

We Die Young [Alice in Chains cover]


Heartbreaker [Pat Benatar cover]

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