SORCERY working on new album

SORCERY working on new album

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Swedish legendary Death Metal masters SORCERY, who recently re-inked a new deal with Xtreem Music, have just entered the studio to record a new album!

Title for this new opus, the 3rd full length on their career, will be “Garden of Bones” and it’s being registered at Dark Prod. Studios with Jonsson as producer. This new album means a natural progression from their acclaimed 2013’s “Arrival at Six” and cover artwork will be handled this time by the always awesome Juanjo Castellano.

There’s been some member changes in SORCERY since their last album, so the current line-up is formed by:
Ola Malmström Рvocals
Paul Johansson – guitar
Jacob Wiberg – bass
Emil Berglin – drums
Johan Vikholm – guitar

Release date for “Garden of Bones” will happen during May 2016 and as soon as we have cover artwork and advance track, we’ll reveal it along with a definite release date for this album.

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