Spectral Darkwave announced debut and released single

Spectral Darkwave announced debut and released single

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London’s Symphonic Death/Doom outfit Spectral Darkwave have announced the release of their debut album Last First Contact due out on 30th March 2015. And what can fans expect? Well, ‘a hi-def tour of human horror in sonic Technicolor’ is what.

The band comments: “Last First Contact will unleash a journey into the many hells of mankind, with each song forming an exhibit in the grotesque gallery of human endeavour. The album weaves a tapestry of horror wrought on the cries of bereft mothers, nuclear strikes and epic orchestral flourishes.”

The band have also released first single from the album, ‘Under Ebon Lash’ which you can shove into your eager ears by heading here.

Formed as a trans-continental pact by twin brothers Dan and Steve Kennedy in 2012 to fuse the limitless possibilities outlined in early computer music, European and doom metal, the band’s grinding rhythms and twisted melodies deliver a crushing reminder of the depravities carried out in the name of human progress. With the departure of long-term collaborator and bassist Ben Bueno, Jon Stokes took up the mantle and Spectral Darkwave was complete.

Last First Contact was recorded over the course of two years using the best home equipment the band could get, and vocals were recorded in La La Land Studio in London under the watchful eye of engineer Fred Lagergren.

Last First Contact is set for release on 30th March 2015.

Dark Adventure Awaits…

Track Listing
1) A Distant Dawn
2) Retake Mars!
3) The Occident
4) Under Ebon Lash
5) My Hand The Gavel
6) At Midnight…Alchemy
7) Compound Vengeance
8) I Am Shadow
9) Mors Technica
10) To Feast On Milk And Oil


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