Swedish Black Metal – DYS INBUNDEN – Exclusive stream

Swedish Black Metal – DYS INBUNDEN – Exclusive stream

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Swedish Black Metal is still alive and you can check it by yourself right now!
Dys Inbunden – misanthropic black metal duo from Stockholm’s depths. This unholy creation was born in 2012, in 2013 they have recorded first full-length album (Pandemonium Unchained), and recently – new one – “One with Morbidity, the Opus Misanthropy” (both released by Liflätinn Productions). Here we streaming one of the tracks exclusively:

And, while listening to these hellish sounds, you can check short bio and check quality pictures of Dys Inbunden

2012: Andlät forms Dys Inbunden with the daring goal to create the most nihilistic death obsessed band in existence! He starts to write all the material for the first full length album. The recordings began early autumn and where finished January the following year.

2013:  The recording of the 2013 release Pandemonium Unchained is finished in January and released through Liflätinn Productions on the 12th of July. Magister Nocturnal joins the band as the official bass player in February 2013. Promotion for Pandemonium Unchained proceeds and the first opus of Dys Inbunden is unleashed upon the world of lies!

2014: The grave bound return to the studio to record their second full length opus. After changing studio and producer, Dys Inbunden records the new opus with Honza Kapák at Hellsound studio in the Czech republic during the dark month of October.

2015: The second opus “One with morbidity, the opus misanthropy.” is unleashed through Liflätinn Productions on the 27th of April.

Do not miss to check their Grim website! – http://dysinbunden.se/

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