Tearless- “Step Into Darkness”album review (By Carla Morton)

Tearless- “Step Into Darkness”album review (By Carla Morton)

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The Dark metal band from Croatia, Tearless, have released this year the debut album via WormHoleDeath records, Step Into Darkness.
11245486_10153328471357640_7362192731360588784_n As I’ve listened to this album, made a connection with the first two releases of Sirenia and seem to sound bit similar. Also, as some of the band’s influences is Crematory, same the sound of the album goes to the old albums of the German band. It is something I like most ( to some bands), having a female voice and a brutal male one into an album, sounds nice indeed, “Step Into Darkness” is one of them and I am not disappointed.
The album is dark, with symphonic elements, the female vocalist has a powerful voice fitting in, the rhythm and the riffs are good.
I don’t know what else to say about “Step Into Darkness”…is an album I enjoy, I suggest as people to check on Terless and the new album and I am sure fans of Dark/Symphonic metal would enjoy ‘’Step Into Darkness’’ as I do!

Favorite songs: Masquerade, Heart Of December.


Room of Broken Mirrors
Fallen We are
Step Into Darkness
Dreams of You
Inside Your Raven Eyes
As She Leaves Me All Alone
World of Shadows
Heart of December


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