THE IRONFIST Releases New Official Video For ‘The Tyrant’s Return’

THE IRONFIST Releases New Official Video For ‘The Tyrant’s Return’

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Taken from the album: Tyrant’s Return | Sliptrick Records | 2023

The Tyrant’s Return is a revisit to The Ironfist’s classic track entitled Tyrannikal Adversaries (released 2003). A tale of dominance, perseverance, and resurrected vengeance from the bloodied ashes of malicious betrayals, the Iron Tyrant rises once more to bring the balance!

This official music video takes a nod to 80s epic/B grade horror/dark fantasy films, gritty and blood soaked filthy, dedicated to all fans of the Underground! Get the new album Tyrant’s Return from Sliptrick Records now in both CD and Digital format!

Watch ‘The Tyrant’s Return’ here:

The Ironfist – Tyrant’s Return NWOBHM artist from Singapore, The Ironfist, unleashes its latest full length abomination with Sliptrick Records entitled Tyrant’s Return! Containing 13 tracks of merciless, vicious & unforgiving necro wave of blackened heavy metal, it is a must for all fans of traditional heavy metal worship and black thrash alike! Brace yourselves for relentless headbanging epic agression …read more

Available now from: Shop Sliptrick | Apple Music | Spotify | & other major stores

Tyrant’s Return | Released May 30th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

The Ironfist is:
Rip Alhuzzred – All Voices & Music

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | On Sliptrick

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