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Season of Mist

‘Aeons in Sodom’ could be the epitaph of the career of Urgehal. Mastermind and vocalist Trondr Nefas passed away shockingly and suddenly on may 2012, leaving a giant hole in the world of extreme metal. The tragedy doesn’t stop the band: the guitarist Enzifer and the drummer Uruz called the best musicians of the black metal (and not only) scene to complete the work and dedicate this ‘Aeons in Sodom’ to Trondr memory. Uruz and Enzifer used some of the recording of riffs and solos of Trondr, to create a real masterpiece, that follows the last two masterful albums, ‘Goatcraft Torment’ and ‘Ikonoklast’.

After a sample of spoken words on ‘Dødsrite’ by Trondr Nefas (‘We are Urgehal and we are here to fucking destroy you!’), ‘The Iron Children’ starts the massacre, with the vocals of his majesty Nocturno Culto, fierce and loud like the old time. This song reveals the mood of the album: the tradition of true Norwegian black metal with huge influences of thrash, speed and black’n’roll.

There is nothing predictable or old here, the guitar riffing is at his best and every song is rich and epic, with the succession of blind fury, mid-tempos and that evil and morbid atmosphere that surrounds every Urgehal release. At the microphone, after Nocturno Culto, we find characters like Hoest, Mannevond, Niklas Kvarforth, Nag, Nattefrost, Sorath Northgrove and the Cortez brothers of Sadistic Intent.
This wealth of different styles gives further substance to an album that grows listening after listening, with the peaks of ‘The Sulphur Black Haze’, ‘Norwegian Blood and Crystal Lakes’ and ‘Endetid’.

The perfect production cared by the giants of Season of Mist complete an album that keep alive the glorious tradition of Norwegian Black Metal.

91/100                                                                                                                            (c) Dan Ross

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