Video: Accuser “Catacombs”

Video: Accuser “Catacombs”

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German Thrash legends ACCUSER will release their new album ‘The Mastery’ January 26th via Metal Blade Records!

As of today you can watch the brand new video for ‘Catacombs’:

Comments ACCUSER on ‘Catacombs’:

“Catacombs describes the attempt to escape a psychological dead end. Imprinting, education and religion are the possible causes of this dark aberration, so the lyrics of this tune are quite gloomy and kinda fit into the present time where a lot of people have to deal with depression, fear or mental problems. Musically, Catacombs is a classical Accu§er thrash anthem with taughtly riffs, a chorus you can scream your lungs out to and some really intense solos.”

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