Video: Diabolical ”We Are Diabolical”

Video: Diabolical ”We Are Diabolical”

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Sweden’s Diabolical presents the new single and video for ”We Are Diabolical”, single taken from the band’s upcoming new album, Eclipse, which will be out on 15th of February.

“We Are Diabolical“ is a song that sounds just as daunting as the title suggests. Right from the opening you get the feeling that the doomsday has come with a swarm of fallen angels painting the sky black. A contrasting middle part follows and prepares you for a final raging battle towards the end of the song.

This is the opening track of the new album and it sets the tone for it: grand, intense, ominous and dark. Thematically it puts forth what is at the core of the concept of this album, it’s supposed to raise questions and provoke the listener, says guitarist Carl Stjärnlöv.

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