W.A.S.P. “Golgotha” review

W.A.S.P. “Golgotha” review

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WASP_CMYK [800] W.A.S.P. “Golgotha”
Napalm Records

Huh… pretty difficult to write some article, when you do not know what to write, hehe) I listen to this album September 11, just when I received this album from Napalm records… I do not know how many times I listened to “Golgotha” so far, but I know that I just can’t stop to listen to this album… W.A.S.P. was always one of my beloved bands, I like alot their entire discography, just like with Motorhead etc, you know what I mean. Basically I expected to hear kick ass stuff from them on “Golgotha”, so I was not surprised at all. Musically you’ll not hear anything new here, but you’ll hear Typical and Awesome mighty W.A.S.P., and “Golgotha” sounds just like correct continuation of previous stuff. The same, full of energy, deeply atmosphere, freezing yet memorable and catching guitar solos, very good rhythm-section and those good old vocals. As always, there are both energetic and ballads songs, I’m sure all of you were impressed by “Miss You” song, which is really deep and brings alot of thoughts unto the mind while listening… And actually that’s all I could say here regarding “Golgotha”. So I can just add – W.A.S.P. is W.A.S.P., they DID, DOING and WILL DO brilliant albums forever, and fans will be enjoyed again and again… As for me, just to not get sick – I’ll try to mix my player… with… hah, with entire W.A.S.P. discography. “Golgotha” Must be in collection of Every Metalhead!

Oh, to make rate? Hm… 100 from 100 would be not enough I think, so I’ll not make any rates, because this is priceless album…
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