Winds Of Genocide ”Usurping The Throne Of Disease” review

Winds Of Genocide ”Usurping The Throne Of Disease” review

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Winds Of Genocide ”Usurping The Throne Of Disease

Pulverised Records

Five guys from United Kingdom recorded first full-length album, which will be released 26 January, 2015. Musicians are pretty skilled persons, known because of bands like Horrified, Uncoffined (young bands as well, but had some successful releases). Here are nine tracks of pure madness! Do not be confused, but these guys perform relentless crust/punk, based on death metal. I listen to this album several times and I have got pretty positive impressions, first of all – I would NOT like to stop it playing, hehe. First bands comes to my mind was Extreme Noise Terror, but what’s most important – that name came to my mind not like “oh shit! These guys stole ENT’s musick, what a shame!”, but like “Oh shit! I like ENT band, and these guys has reminded me about them, so I must have this release and put together with ENT on one shelf”. Music is truly “brutal”, filled with catching rhythms mainly (both slow and fast), and just razor sharp sound (in good mean). Guitars are fast and the whole musical structure has enough of intelligent tempo-changes, which do not allow you to be bored. This chaotic metal vortex also supported by good and sick vocals. All in all – “Usurping The Throne Of Disease” will remind you many of your beloved albums, so you’ll be 100% forced to listen to them as well (after Winds of Genocide of course). And if you would like to read some more oriented describe, then you must to know, this album is something like buzzing mixture between crust/d-beat Discharge, Disrupt vs crushing death metal ala Carnage, Bolt Thrower and etc. And main thing – totally old-school feelings! Antichrist recommends “Usurping the Throne of Disease” to the fans worldwide! Be prepared for total massacre!


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