{brief album review} IN THE WOODS… – Pure (by Robert Lombardo)

{brief album review} IN THE WOODS… – Pure (by Robert Lombardo)

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Debemur Morti Productions
Release: 16 September 2016

17 years… 17 long years fans of Norwegian In The Woods… waited for something new from the band, but there were just one single, two compilations and one Live album… Finally, near days people will be able to listen to this great album!

First of all, do you think they were able to save entire line-up? Nope… Welcome new band member – Mr. Fog, who handle now Keyboards, Guitars and Vocals. Mr. Fog is enough experienced musician, participated in Ewigkeit, Jaldaboath, Old Forest, Svartelder and many more bands. So, his work is more than good here on the album. Keys are good, vocals are very good.

Shame on me, but I completely forgot how sounds their album from 1999, but maybe this is even good, let me see on In The Woods… from a new angle. First of all, some people told me something like “man, do not expect something good from them, real ITW is dead now, so you’ll hear some kind of modern shit“, but I didn’t mind, and I was right, because Pure is an outstanding album. Yes, this is not some kind of black metal, but here is something like atmospheric, epic and doomy metal; each song is memorable, atmosphere is freezing, argh!

What I like alot from the entire album – first of all – the entire sound, it’s really great, then aforementioned atmosphere, really doomy atmosphere, full of emotions, despair… Then I may speak about vocals, as I told before – here is clear vocals, and I’m dare to say – this is one of powerful things on the album definitely. Rhythm-section – catching and non one-type, but comes with both fast and slow rhythms. Sometimes Pure reminds me some stuff from Primordial, and partially from Amorphis, but sometimes mixed with some progressive tunes!

I’m actually here to write brief reviews, but I couldn’t make this review with the couple of words just, and I can speak more and more about this album, but I’ll not, because better to wait for release date and try this by yourself!

Recommended? RECOMMENDED!

Cheers from France! Rob

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