Carnival of Flesh “Stories From a Fallen World” review

Carnival of Flesh “Stories From a Fallen World” review

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Carnival of Flesh “Stories From a Fallen World”

Serbian band Carnival of Flesh was formed back in 2002, existing for about 13 years they never recorded any stuff, this is actually pretty strange fact, but what to do, main thing they did it recently, so we can check what the music they represent here. Six tracks (around 34 minutes) of symphonic black metal, highly inspired by bands like Anorexia Nervisa and Dimmu Borgir; yeah, pretty common thing, but you know, these are the most known and influential for another musicians. Well, the whole sound is more or less good, without too raw approach and with more or less heavy one. Their music is far not original, but sounds interesting, I can’t say this is for daily listening, but from time to time it’s worth to listen. Rhythm section comes good together with keyboards, and both sounds pretty good. Vocals, again typical ones, from whispers up to screams etc, one song even contain female vocals by places. Musically all common as well, mid paced or even slow starts and then fast ripping rhythms, which back into slow or mid tempos again. Sounds far not monotonous, what is the most positive thing over here and often catching. Professional but average symphonic black metal, worth to be pushed into masses, the masses who opened for quality symphonic black metal sounds. No more to say, I just dare to recommend this band to the fans, they should check Carnival of Flesh by themselves and to do their own opinions.


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