Interview W.E.B (By Carla Morton)

Interview W.E.B (By Carla Morton)

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Darkface, the frontman and guitarist of the Greek Dark metal band W.E.B (Where Everything Begun), had time to answer me a few questions about the band and other stuffs.
10511221_713147898756263_7059885358676961457_nGreetings Darkface, how you’ve been?
Hello there. All is good to my end if you exclude the political and economic chaos of my country Greece. Right now I am preparing for some short vacation and then I will be working with the rest of the band on the details of the preproduction of our forthcoming album. We are entering the studio in mid September.

When W.E.B was formed?
The band is around since 2002. We finally had our first album out in January of 2006 though after 3 promo/demo releases. Now after three albums and an EP we are preparing the fourth strike of W.E.B.

The first release of the band was ”Don’t Wake  Futility” in 2006. How the recordings of it went?
Well, it was quite a slow process. It almost seemed never-ending to me because we were trying to come up with an outcome that our lack of experience was not helping at all. So we had to erase and record the album three times to make it the best that we could at the current time. I believe it is a very good album still.

What can you tell me about the second release ”Jesus Heist”?
This was a strange release even though it was very interesting. It is a great album with a great sound and our first cooperation with a great producer, Fredrik Nordstrom. We felt that we had to prove ourselves through this album and we tried very hard during the songwriting process. It is maybe the most experimental release that W.E.B. have put out so far. I love it! Also it has three of my favorite and very personal songs of the band by that time, “Blessed Blood”, “Enthorned” and “Cellembraceaeon”.

Last year you released the third album entitled ”For Bidens”. What can you tell me about it?
I am very proud of this album. More brutal than the first two albums, more technical… in general more extreme to every level. For me this album is the one that defined the true face of the band and the beginning of putting us on the map. I highly recommend it to all your viewers/readers!

Did you receive good reviews?
Yes, most of the reviews were monumental. Of course there were the ones from people that did not like it at all but this is part of the game also and it is respectful of course. We are very pleased with all the reviews. Especialy when they come from people with the right knowledge, they can be a good guide for us to learn from our mistakes. We are always curious to listen what other people think of our music and our concerts.

What are the band’s influences?
We are influenced by the music itself. Music is a unique universe with many faces. We can be influenced by every face of this universe and we filter it through our own face. What is most important or me though is not influence but, inspiration.

Are you going to tour this year?
We might but we still have not a steady schedule in our hands. The bank capital controls in our country right now also do not make things easier to pay our agents nor our air tickets. So we are just on a discussing board and waiting for the opening to arrange things. The sure thing is that we will tour for sure i not in 2015, 2016 will find us with at least two tours.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Love and freedom may always be part of your life. Stay Dark!

Thank you Darkface, all the best!
Thank you as well. It was an honor and a pleasure!

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