Review: BEASTMAKER “Eye of the Storm” [Shadow Kingdom]

Review: BEASTMAKER “Eye of the Storm” [Shadow Kingdom]

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The sounds of traditional heavy metal and doom will never die and Beastmaker, the other band from Haunt mainman Trevor Church know that as they combine both with a huge amount of passion and conviction.

The band who has their first few releases on seminal doom label Rise Above (the label run by Cathedrals Lee Dorrian) have doom running through their veins still but on latest EP Eyes Of The Storm, the heavy metal influence runs deep in tandem.

The Cathedral influence that alongside fellow legendary doom bands such as Pentagram, St Vitus, Candlemass and Witchfinder General is still there but there is a huge Angel Witch and other NWOBHM bands like Raven and Diamond Head in there too along with an abundance of melody.

The four tracks on Eyes Of The Storm are all full on metal anthems packed full of doomy riffs that will be stuck in your head for an age and they propel the songs to another level as it seems that the songs are built around them which works so well.

A couple of cases in point are the psychedelic tinged riff towards the end of closing track, the haunting Celestial Glow which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Sabbath album and the driving riff towards the end of the song that finishes things in fine style.

The other songs on Eyes Of The Storm, the opening title track, Shadows and My Only Wish are the same as well, riff after crunching riff and it sounds simply joyous.

Add in a few choices solos and the soaring vocals of Church and you’ve got the perfect mixture of doom and heavy metal.

Beastmaker have evolved from their pure doom roots to incorporate more metal influences and while obviously their early material still sounds great, this updated sound seems to suit the band even more and maybe it is Churchs other work in Haunts influence creeping in but it definitely works for Beastmaker and Eyes Of The Storm is a headbangingly great collection of songs that both lovers of doom and metalheads will adore.

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Gavin Brown

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