Review: Death Worship “Extermination Mass”

Review: Death Worship “Extermination Mass”

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Death Worship “Extermination Mass”
Nuclear War Now! Productions

Imagine Morbid Angels Altars of Madness on Carthaginian war elephant steroids with the mix of the Norwegian sound of 1349 and you got Death Worships Extermination Mass.

And you thought that Canadians play nice, huh?

Death Worship is spawned by the members from the leading underground extreme bands such as Blasphemy and Revenge back in 2013 under the Nuclear War Now! Productions label.

Stylistically Extermination Mass is pretty much more in vein with the band Revenge for its relentless tempo during the whole EP playtime.  The main difference may be that the production is clearer and the point, especially the solos that are better parts of the record.

The coolest feat of this EP is as much as it is extreme it is catchy as hell. Somebody would think 6 songs of pure aggressiveness would get dull at some point, well think wrong. Audible vocals and cool guitars solos help as well. The only thing that really stings with the EP that is too damn shirt with duration of barely 20 minutes as well as the similarities in songs. For this reason is a bit useless to have a favorite track here. Perhaps the last one, The Chaos Trance because it stands out the most for its dark atmosphere and neck breaking changes of tempo.

Nevertheless, for fans of furious no-bullshit extreme death/black metal this will be a short but sweet treat for you.

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