Review: Labyrinth Entrance “Monumental Bitterness”

Review: Labyrinth Entrance “Monumental Bitterness”

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Black Metal loved in Poland, and it’s not about fulfillments of such monsters like Behemoth or Devilish Impressions. Catholic state is the place for this style. An alternative for a religious doctrine you know.

One man band from Krakow with enticing name Labyrinth Entrance plays solid Doom Black Metal with a little touches of Symphonic and Death.

Five songs, one intro, all called “Canto” and starts their numbering from zero. The name of the project displays its musical consistence quite clearly: spiral labyrinth that starts from Doom (a-la first Katatonia‘s album) and gradually accelerating to Atmospheric Black with blast beats and simple sympho passages. There is some illusive relation with Sweden one man band project Mirrorthrone in all of this, but Polish music is devoid of baroque pretentiousness and is easier for perception.

Half growl/half scream prevails in vocals, sometimes there is shouting, sometimes retracted clean vocals. The brightest piece is “Canto III”, made in galloping, sometimes marching style, with an echo on every vocal replica.

In general, it quite mature and unordinary album: without some surprises it’s interesting and stuck in brains. That rare case when programmed drums with their mechanicality gave their charm to the music. Generally, rhythm section sounds¬† densely and monolithic, which gives a good foundation to a slightly smeared guitar . Perhaps the main advantage of the entire release is a well thought structure and a sense of proportion in every song and a whole.

Lyrics aren’t something outstanding: same darkness, same evil, same quotes in Latin. Well, that’s quite stupid to expect some high poetry from Black Metal. With this, there is no need to listen to lyrics: music immerses in itself so deep, that only sounds and pictures that flare up in the brain as the album plays are perceived.

Verdict: listen, introspect and submerge. Not every band can make such a strong and confident debut. Especially in Black Metal, where, it seems, it’s already said everything that can be said and sacrificed to The Beast everything that could be sacrificed.

‘Monumental Bitterness’ was released in December 2017 via Godz Ov War.

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