Review: Orasyon “All and Nothing”

Review: Orasyon “All and Nothing”

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Orasyon… out of complete nowhere, comes this album All and Nothing (released earlier this month, on October 1st). I was completely caught off guard, upon hearing it. Initially, I had caught this album via YouTube. Fell in massive, extreme love with it, from the very first note. I knew right away, upon reaching the album’s end, that writing a review for it was imminent…

The first track, entitled “The Silent God of All and Nothing”, far surpasses through all the realms of what is beautiful. This song, Goddamn it… I was not expecting to break down and cry when hearing this song. So much atmospheric black metal is a given, to be beautiful in nature… but, Forelorne… this guy knows how to take that ‘atmosphere’ and take it one step further, making his style of this sub-genre of black metal a unique one. The atmosphere saunters throughout. Forelorne does everything in the band. And, he is so masterful at everything, on this track; as well as in general, the entirety of this album. The riffs start off instantly, so cold and desolate. Drumming so powerful, devastates with very ‘icy’ hits. His voice… belts through with such powerful conviction! So much so, that you can actually feel his emotions flow through, while listening. I mean, you can literally ‘feel’ this. His voice, so unearthly, so dreamlike… so mesmerizing, impassioned and bewitching. “In this slow and quiet death, I have finally accepted that I am nothing.” Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful lyrical pieces I think I’ve ever read and, or heard. I love this song so much, it honestly is hard to go on to the second track; due to the fact of just HOW riveting it really is. One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

“My Solipsistic Fortress”… this track leans a bit more on the depressive side, in sound; as well as being fairly slower in tempo. The riffs harbor a more piercing tone, deriving from the given depressiveness; resonating a thick and eerie aura all throughout. Forelorne… his voice… those screams, so penetrative through to the very core of your soul. There are very few artists that have the capability to do this (to have this effect on me), to which, in turn, having the power to destroy me emotionally. Those screams… so endearing.

“Representations of a Decaying Mental Landscape” is the last song on the album, as well as being the longest; clocking in at almost thirteen minutes. The riffs most haunting, and abundantly lilt. At (2:40), Forelorne belts out a scream that makes me feel like I want to die… a scream that is so beautiful that I have to backtrack to it a couple of times, before I can continue on with the song. That scream is, I don’t know… I just really have no words for it, other than to say it goes far, past beyond almost everything so beautiful. I say “almost” because, this guy is not too far off from matching the massively insane vocal talents of Antimessiah’s voice/ screams, in his project Vicarivs Filii Dei (which just happens to be my favorite band, ever). Furthermore, I try not to pair up artists in my reviews; but this guy Forelorne, he’s right up there with him. While Forelorne’s voice is on a completely different spectrum… truly it’s epic all the same. At (5:36) he does it again, and I mean, I legitimately break down in tears… fuck. Riffing becomes even more rhythmic-heavy around (6:00)… which brings forth melting vocals that delivers an electrifying chill all throughout, you can feel it very deeply. His voice is purely other-worldly. Magical. Beautiful.

Orasyon is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Every song on this album exceeds droves of unconstrained passion. Haunting melodies permeate All and Nothing, throughout. Vocals that go above and beyond intricate allure. Mere words cannot express just how grateful I am, that this album is something that is here… that is now… that is at hand, to be listened to… to cherish, to love, and to respect. All and Nothing is an album that deserves to be listened to, as well as respected. A new band entering into the black metal scene, Orasyon cannot, and should not be overlooked. I never make a point of lyrics hardly in my reviews. And, I especially do not make a mention of going to a band’s Bandcamp page to read any of the track lyrics. But, with this album… I highly suggest that you do. As the lyrics to these songs are tremendously, some of the most heart-felt lyrics that you will ever read. I very highly recommend this album if you’re one for both passion, and atmosphere in your music. Whatever I have said all throughout my review, I honestly feel I have not given it enough justice. I could write so much more about this album. It just pulls so much out of you when listening, it becomes quite exhausting. Listen to this album, and see how fast you will fall in love with it. I look forward so much to hearing more from this band. This album, quite simply, is just not enough. I crave more… so much more than what this album delivers. But until then, I have no problem at all with repeated listens; as All and Nothing is everything that Forelorne has offered up, at this moment in time. And, is worthy of as many listens as you are able to give it. And for me, that is a lot; as I am most content for now.

Release date: October 1st, 2021

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