Review: PURTENANCE “Paradox of Existence”

Review: PURTENANCE “Paradox of Existence”

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PURTENANCE “Paradox of Existence”
Xtreem Music

As a rule, I’m not a massive Death Metal fan. But now and then, something is so fucking amazing, as in being run over by a jumbo jet, while someone is firing Exocet rockets at your balls, that even a non-believer like myself, is completely blown away.

And right now, that something is this four track EP.

You want the bands complete history, check out their Facebook page, but the band formed in Finland in 1989 (as Purtenance Avulsion), and reformed in 2012 after splitting in 1992. And this is their 4th release since their 2012 reformation.

And it genuinely cannot be bettered. It’s pulverizing, it’s fucking loud and it just rattles your brain from every angle. It really is Old School Death Metal, exactly as it should be… From mid-paced and Doomy to all-out war,

All new plus all up and coming bands should look upon this as a shining example of how to make Death Metal… there’s probably a few bigger bands that should take a few notes as well.

Astonishingly good.

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