Review: Reptilian “Perennial Void Traverse” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

Review: Reptilian “Perennial Void Traverse” (by Bart Tomaszewski)

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Reptilian “Perennial Void Traverse”
Edged Circle Productions

Again in Norway, and again in the same area where we was some time ago – Hordaland. It seems that this is very productive region. Well, Fusa contrary to Bergen or even Os isn’t big community. Territory is maybe quite huge, but number of residents is rather miserly – something like 3900 people live in these seven villages (one of them calls just like whole community).  But it doesn’t mean of course that there’s no Metalheads who to boot create own music!

The best proof of that is REPTILIAN created by four guys who play also in Thrash Metal band COCKROACH AGENDA, by the way. It happened in 2012 and band has only split with INCULTER (Blackened Thrash) in their discography. Well, I can’t understand why in one band they use only initials and in second full names. Anyway, it seems that Cato is the most overworked here coz he plays in all three mentioned above bands. In REPTILIAN he takes care about guitar and yielding screams. Music which we have on “Perennial…” is Death Metal in old style – they reminds me legendary band from Bergen. It’s not only about music, but its general character. We have here mostly middle-low or even low (in few cases there’s even more Doom Metal waltz) tempos. Guys speed sometimes, but not so often. Riffs are rather poor, dirty rarely intersperse by something what we can, with some dose of fantasy or even stubbornness, call solos. They can even sound a little monotonous. But I’m sure that it’s effect of, let’s say, deliberate strategy. Here climate is important! And this is really sepulchral – even in these faster parts!

I recommend this stuff and in general band, but only to maniacs of underground, in boot this dirtier one, adorers of sepulchral sound and stuff like that!!



(c) Bart Tomaszewski (SEPULCROS PROD)

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