Review: Scour “Red”

Review: Scour “Red”

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Scour “Red”
Housecore Records

Following on from 2016’s ferociously good debut ep, Scour are back with another 6 tracker. And if you didn’t know already, Scour are headed up by Phil Anselmo.

Their debut, was a hybrid of Black Metal/Grind and Death Metal and it absolutely fucking slayed.

This time around, all of the songs are once again on the short side, ranging from 2:13 to 2:56, the same ferocious intent is there, but this time around, it’s louder and even more intense. It’s just an all-out assault with dominating blastbeats, Black Metal guitars set to 11 and a killer rumble that underpins it all…. They’ve even added a bit of texture this time around with the atmospheric interlude of Sentenced.

No frills, no bullshit. Just blast for 2 or so minutes and get the fuck out. And it’s all super clear as well thanks to the production of Steve Berrigan and the mastering skills of Dave Otero.

There’s not a lot more to say… an outstanding release that should leave you with a massive headrush, such is the endorphin release after playing this for 15 minutes.

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