SABÏRE – release video for “Mistress Mistress”

SABÏRE – release video for “Mistress Mistress”

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Prior to their big return to Europe this Friday and the release of an exclusive and limited edition 7inch ep SABÏRE offers us today a brand new video.

Band leader Scarlett Monastyrski comments:

“We are happy to announce the release of our first stand-alone single, “Mistress Mistress,” available February 28, 2020 via Listenable Records. The b-side of this disc is our version of the Eagles’ classic, “Life in the Fast Lane.” “Sabïre-ified” and re-imagined in acidic intention for the future.
We’ve turned the acidity level on these recordings all the way up to 11, and stripped back everything else. This is pure, in-your-mouth Acid Metal. When the time comes for you to drop the needle, or hit the play button on this single, make sure you turn this motherf*cker all the way up and FEEL THE ACID!!!”

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