UNLEASHED launched 3rd track-by-track trailer

UNLEASHED launched 3rd track-by-track trailer

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Warriors!!! Hear the sound of the battle cry! With their new album “Dawn Of The Nine”, legendary Swedish trailblazers UNLEASHED have forged a modern Death Metal weapon from the blood and spirit of their Viking ancestors.

Now the band is offering fans a taster of their forthcoming masterpiece, in the form of the third part of the track-by-track trailer.

Check out the video (with song snippets) here:

Mastermind Johnny commented further on the idea behind these songs on the new album:

The land of the thousand lakes:

The quest continues across the Baltic Sea, into the land of the thousand lakes. It is time to rest and breath,
and to reflect on our past and what lies ahead. It is also a time to hold a Blot for our dead ones.

Dawn of the nine:

At the Blot there is also a time for celebration and membership initiation of elite warriors. Swearing “the nine” on the Hammer is an essential part of the blot for a new member in a Hammer Battalion.
“The nine” represents the skills a warrior must have in order to be successful in the new dawn, the world of Odalheim.

Welcome the son of Thor!

Onward through lake Mälaren, the Midgard warriors and their many ships, now return to the shores of our Folklands. Victoriously celebrating their freedom from the fascist Christ.
At the very least, Svithiod has now been temporarily liberated. With White Christ still at large, the battle is far from over, but hope has finally come to these forsaken lands.
The son of Thor (by some, called the Bolt Thrower) is now the high commander of the Midgard Warriors. Our time has come, a new day has risen. A new age is born. Welcome the son of Thor!


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